Sunday, May 23, 2010

FarhanRazak Luckydraw..


Second entry for the first luckydraw in this blog.. Hopefully, there's a luck for me..

p/s: Sape2 nak join, bleh klik kat title entry ni ataupun klik kat gambar di bawah ni.. Sonang ajo.. Meh join ramai2.. ;)

RM50 untuk dimenangi, Join sekarang!

Senang je nak join luckydraw ni..

1) Jadi FOLLOWER blog FarhanRazak.
2) PASTE Link Cabutan Bertuah seperti di atas di Blog anda.
3) Tulis satu POST yg anda dh pun masuk cabutan nih.

Due date: 30 June 2010..

Simple rite? Lets join together.. Sharing is caring.. Yeah!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Blog..


Finally, me try to establish my second blog.. This blog is formerly for contests, giveaways and luckydraws only.. Doesnt want to mix my blog anymore.. The first one is likely my living blog diary.. And this one is just for the contests and so on..

Thanx for ur supports, guys!!